2017-2018 Varsity Girls Soccer Schedule

Varsity Girls soccer 2017
Coaches:  Kevin Duggins (Head Coach); Brittany Shaffer (JV Coach)
Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen
Ashley Cone (23)
Abigail Higgins (30)
Emma McGregor (50)
Madisun Ward (13)
Emily Herschberger (24)
Amiah Lee (25)
Grace Lefler (49)
NeVaeh Partlow (19)
Kirstin Pierce (34)
Jenna Robertson (7)
Nguyen Uyen (22)
Emma Watson (8)
Laura Weaver (47)
Mackenzie Bashore (44)
Sierra Ellis (16)
Coralyn Hawley (5)
Maya James (3)
Morrigan Jones (38)
Sophia Kidd (17)
Savannah Packard (6)
Vicky Qui (12)
Shaylie Stucker (0)
Kamryn Booher (18)
Makaila Carpenter (15)
Selena Corrales (2)
Rachel Hillman (4)
Katherine Lay (1)
Whitney Pierce (14)
Emily Rizer (10)
Colleen Weaver (20)

Date Opponent Time Score
Aug. 12 Eastern Jamboree (T) 10:00 am  
Aug. 16 Oak Hill (V) (H) 5:00 pm (L) 3-2
Aug. 19 Muncie Central (T) 11:00/12:30 (T) 1-1
Aug. 22 Marion (H) 5:30/7:00 (L) 6-0
Aug. 24 Northwestern (V/JV) (T) 5:00/6:30 (L) 2-0
Aug. 29 Lafayette Jeff (JV/V) (T) 5:30/7:00 (L) 8-0
Sept. 5 McCutcheon (JV/V) (H) 5:00/6:30 (L) 5-0
Sept. 7 Hamilton Heights (JV/V) (T) 5:30/7:00 (L) 8-0
Sept. 12 Logansport (JV/V) (T) 5:00/6:30 (L) 7-2
Sept. 14 West Lafayette (H) 5:30/7:00 (L) 9-0
Sept. 16 Maconaquah (V) (H) 10:00 am (L) 4-3
Sept. 20 Harrison (H) 5:00 pm (L) 8-0
Sept. 23 NCC Tournament (H) 11/12:30 The Lady Kats placed 9th in the NCC tournament.
The Lady Kats found the back of the NCC tournament net six times in their 6-0 conference win over Anderson Saturday.

The Pierce sisters (Kirstin and Whitney) each netted two goals, while Nevaeh Partlow and Maya James each had a goal apiece.

In the first half our Lady Kats showed strong choices and great will. Finishing runs and following attacks showed the Ladies have the ability to become a reckoning force with time. The second half was a little bit more of a challenge with the heat constantly growing, but the Kats kept the heat on the offensive end the entire game and never slowed down.
​Coach Duggins
Sept. 27 Western (V/JV) (T) 5/6:30 (L) 2-1
Oct. 2-7 IIHSAA Class 3A Sectional @ Harrison   McCutcheon 5 - Lafayette Jeff 1
Harrison 11 - vs Logansport 1
McCutcheon 4 - Kokomo 0
McCutcheon 1 - Harrison 0
Season Review
"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it" - CHARLES R. SWINDOLL

It would be too easy to look at the record of our season and wonder what our Lady Kats achieved, if anything, this year. Can a team who took one victory and one tie really claim success? Is success measured by where we stand at the end of a season?

Success comes in many forms; you can ask 100 players/coaches to define it and you'll get 100 valuable answers. I'd like to think the success of our Lady Kats this year comes in forms of "comparison". Though we took a couple close losses, gave up a couple early leads, and had trouble finishing up field attacks, we also found ourselves in a 2-1 loss (which we led 1-0 at first) to a team who later won the sectional and advanced to the regional finals.

We found ourselves trailing only 1-0 at the half against the conference runner-up in our sectional, a conference which we placed 9th out of the 10 teams. Also, we took a 2-0 loss to a team that went 12-3-1, and a 2-1 loss to a team that went 14-2 with a sectional title and a regional runner- up.
Yes, it's easy to see some of our scores where we took a large loss on the scoreboard and wonder…did the Lady Kats develop? After all... we played five teams who in the past four years have consistently been rated in Indiana's Top 20-25 teams. We played programs that have regional and semi-state runner-up titles, conference titles, and victories over other Top 20 teams.

I'm constantly reminded of a practice before a particular game, a game where our girls knew many of the girls they were about to play against. Many of our girls heard from their opponent friends how the Lady Kats where going to be an easy game and that the Lady Kats were not playing well. I'm reminded of telling my girls to look at the comparison; see what teams they have played and what teams we have played. I told my girls, "They [your opponent friend] have no idea the teams you have had to play. They have no idea the growth and challenges you
have had to face." Our Lady Kats then went on to play the team (they were 13-2 at that time) and we only lost 2-1.

Yes, indeed, our Lady Kats truly had some great moments of comparison to show how truly far they came in one year for such a young squad playing against such experienced and older programs and players.

Our top three stat players are all underclassmen. Many times we had seven or more freshmen and sophomores starting against nine, 10, or 11 upperclassmen. We faced injuries, exhaustion, and refined talent, but came back every time to play our next game and gain our own experience, our own growth, and our own story.

Now the challenge comes upon our players again, but this time in an offseason quest…to train at open gyms, summer work outs, and weight room training. Now we must continue this past season today so we can grow, instead of waiting until next season to try and catch up.

Freshman Maya James led the season with six goals and freshman Whitney Pierce had four goals. Whitney’s sister Kirstin Pierce, a junior, had three goals, and freshman Makaila Carpenter netted two goals. Sophomore Keeper Shaylie Stucker recorded 88 saves for the season.

"The only award I ever needed was the work it took to achieve it." - UNKNOWN

Goals are not forced, they are earned through respecting the work it takes to get them. Focus on the work.

- Coach Duggins

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