2017-2018 Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving

 2017 Girls Swim Team
 Coaches: Chris Etherington (Head Coach); Stacia Siefert (Diving Coach)
 Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen
Karyna Lohinova
Brittany Lucas
Morgan Reecer

Madison Cleaver
Liesl Elkin (diver)
Addison Reckard
Rachel Wyrick
Mackenzie Bashore
Haley Salinas
Shelby Wells
Stormy Blake
Kendra Cline
Emily Griggs
Rachel Hillman
Molly Mavrick
Kaitlyn McGraw
Madison Saban
Hannah Smith

Date Opponent Time Score
Nov. 14 Western (T) 5:30 pm (L) 109-74
The Lady Katfish took on Western's girls in a
girl only swimming and diving meet Tuesday
night. Western came up victorious with a
score of Western 109, Lady Katfish 74.

Kokomo came away with three first place
finishes - Madi Cleaver in the 200 Freestyle in
a time of 2:06.68, Cleaver in the 100 Butterfly
in a time of 1:05.92, and the 200 Freestyle
Relay team of Cleaver, Shelby Wells, Morgan
Reecer, and Addison Reckard.

I am so proud of how far this entire girls team
has come in just a short period of time. They
have been putting in the work and are seeing it
pay off. Way to go tonight Ladies!

Swimmer/Diver of the Meet goes to senior
swimmer, Brittany Lucas. Brittany had a
terrific last first meet of her senior year. She
anchored the 200 Medley Relay and posted a
time of :28.62 and went 1:04.22 in the 100
Freestyle, times that she had accomplished at
the end of the season last year. Way to go
- Coach Etherington
Nov. 20 Manchester (H) 5:00 pm (W) 115-64
Madison Cleaver was a triple winner, Addison Reckard was a double winner and three freshman recorded individual wins - Emily Griggs in the 200
freestyle, Kaitlyn McGraw in 1-meter diving( only 19 points away from the freshman diving record), and Madison Saban in the 100 Backstroke.

The freshman and newbie swimmers’ time to shine was tonight and they did not let us down!

Great TEAM win by the Lady Kats!

Swimmer of the Meet: Madison Cleaver for going 26.12 in the 50 free. Her time last season was 26.05. Way to go Madi!
- Coach Etherington
Dec. 2 Richmond (T) 10:00 am (T) 91-91
Dec. 6 Marion (H) 5:30 pm (W) 125-37
200 Medley Relay - Maddie Saban, Rachel Wyrick,
Stormy Blake, and Rachel Hillman
200 Free - Morgan Reecer
200 IM - Madi Cleaver
50 Free - Shelby Wells
Diving - Liesl Elkin
100 Butterfly - Shelby Wells
100 Free - Rachel Wyrick
500 Free - Brittany Lucas
200 Free Relay - Morgan Reecer, Shelby Wells, Brittany
Lucas, and Madi Cleaver
100 Back - Morgan Reecer
100 Breast - Stormy Blake
400 Free Relay - Brittany Lucas, Shelby Wells, Morgan
Reecer, and Madi Cleaver
​Coach Etherington
Dec. 9 Twin Lakes Invitational (T) 10:00 AM Kokomo took second place with 112 behind Twin Lakes' 142 points.
Dec. 11 Northwestern (H) 5:30 pm (L) 112-70
Quadruple winner Madison Cleaver threw down a pair of solid performances going 26.17 in the 50 Free and 1:06.51 in the 100 Butterfly.

She was also a part of the 200 Free Relay winning team of Cleaver, Brittany Lucas, Rachel Wyrick, and Shelby Wells.
The 400 Free Relay team of Cleaver, Wells, Morgan Reecer, and Lucas came out with a victory as well.
- Coach Etherington
Dec. 18 Logansport (H) 5:30 pm (W) 121-56
200 Free - Addison Reckard 2:26.78
200 IM - Morgan Reecer 2:48.93
50 Free - Madison Cleaver 26.34
Diving - Kaitlyn McGraw 228.05
100 Fly - Madison Saban 1:23.41
100 Free - Madison Cleaver 57.78
500 Free - Addison Reckard 6:33.63
200 Free Relay - Cleaver, Shelby Wells, Reecer, Reckard 1:59.09
100 Back - Shelby Wells 1:17.01
400 Free Relay - Reckard, Wells, Brittany Lucas, Madison Cleaver
- Coach Etherington
Jan. 2 Hamilton Heights (H) 5:30 pm Weather postponement - make-up unknown
Jan. 6 NCC Diving Prelims @ PU 10:00 am  
Jan. 6 NCC @ PU 10:00 am The Lady Katfish finished their conference meet, pulling out a third place, only 13 points behind second. The girls came in with a lot of energy and were feeding off one another.

• 200 Medley Relay - 8th; 2:16.42 Reecer, Salinas, Wyrick, Saban
• 200 Free - Emily Griggs 12th 2:28.22, Brittany Lucas 7th 2:16.17, Addison Reckard 3rd 2:12.20
• 200 IM - Karyna Lohinova 16th 3:04.53, Morgan Reecer 7th 2:41.83
• 50 Free - Rachel Wyrick 12th 29.70, Shelby Wells 4th 28.40, Madison Cleaver Conference CHAMP 25.06
• Diving - Lisel Elkin 7th 239.75, Kaitlyn McGraw 5th 289.15
• 100 Fly - Madison Saban 8th 1:18.38
• 100 Free - Mackenzie Bashore 23rd 1:16.73, Brittany Lucas 3rd 1:01.52, Madison Cleaver Conference CHAMP 55.20
• 200 Free Relay - Conference Runner Up 1:50.53; Lucas, Reckard, Cleaver and Wells
• 100 Back - Morgan Reecer 9th 1:14.97, Madison Saban 8th 1:14.63, Shelby Wells 7th 1:12.81
• 100 Breast - Haley Salinas 18th 1:28.94, Rachel Wyrick 15th 1:27.12, Stormy Blake 13th 1:24.79
• 400 Free Relay - 3rd 4:06.53; Lucas, Reckard, Cleaver, Wells

The goal from the start of the season was more Top 8 finishers than last year, and they blew that away! Coming into Kokomo, I wanted the girls to feel proud of being a part of this program. This program has a lot of history and it’s time for these girls to make a name for themselves. They all brought their “A” game and more on Saturday and turned a lot of heads. I am so proud for each and every one of these ladies for how far they have come. From sixth place last year to third this year, we are more than thrilled! The Lady Kats are BACK!

Swimmer/Diver of the Meet: Madison Cleaver. Madi swept the freestyle sprints in the North Central Conference meet at Purdue. She defended her title in the 100-yard free with a time of :55.20 and she won the 50 free in :25.06, only .6 away from the school record!! Way to go Madi!
- Coach Etherington
Jan. 9 Lewis Cass (T) 6:00 pm (W) 98-85
Last night the Lady Katfish pulled out the win against a talented Lewis Cass Queenfish. Final scores were 98-85. Madison Cleaver won the 50 free (:26.50) and
100 free (:58.63) and contributed to the winning 200 free relay team to lead the Kats to the win. Cleaver, Shelby Wells, Brittany Lucas and Addison Reckard won the 200 free in 1:56.77. Kaitlyn McGraw won diving with a score of 177.20.

Coming off Conference this past weekend, they were extremely tired. Going from our training mode to our racing mode for conference and now trying to get back to training mode, that’s extremely tough. We were just seeing what we could do with our swims and what we are doing in our races, not really focusing on our times.

Cass is a strong program for the girls. Our depth won it for us. Our backstrokers and breaststrokers going 2-3-4 pretty much was the turnaround for the meet.

Swimmer of the Meet: Brittany Lucas. Brittany was the X factor for our meet tonight! Brittany placed 3rd in the 200 free and 100 free and led off the 200 free relay that placed 1st and the 400 free relay that placed 2nd. Way to go, Brittany!
- Coach Etherington
Jan. 11 Oak Hill (H) 5:00 pm (L) 117-68
Madison Cleaver pulled out two individual victories in the 200-free and 500-free, and the 400 free relay team of Cleaver, Addison Reckard, Brittany Lucas and Morgan Reecer won a close race to close the night.

The team record is 4-3-1.

Next up is Senior Night this Saturday. It’s a tri-meet against conference foes Anderson and Muncie Central. The meet starts at 10:00am.

Swimmer/Diver of the Meet: Emily Griggs. Emily dropped 2 seconds in the 200-free from her conference time to finish tonight with a 2:26.16. She also went a lifetime best in the 100-free with a time 1:04.94. Way to go, Emily!!
- Coach Etherington
Jan. 13 Anderson/Muncie Central (H) 10:00 am Kokomo 100 - Anderson 68
Kokomo 111 - Muncie Central 60
Madison Cleaver led the way as a quadruple winner, and Addison Reckard was a triple winner.

Reckard won the 200-free in 2:16.62, and Morgan Reecer won the 200 IM in 2:42.32. Cleaver won the 50-free in 26.79 and the 100 free in 58.43, and Kaitlyn McGraw won diving with a score of 192.65.

The Katfish team of Cleaver, Rachel Wyrick, Brittany Lucas, and Reckard won the 200-free relay in 1:55.53, and Cleaver, Reckard, Shelby Wells, and Lucas won the 400-free relay in 4:26.36.

Swimmer/Diver of the Meet: Hannah Smith. Hannah was chosen for all her hard work over the season. Hannah started the year in the 100-freestyle with a time of 1:56 and has dropped her time to 1:22.1, a 34-second drop for the season! Keep it up, Hannah! Hard work pays off!
- Coach Etherington
Jan. 17 West Lafayette/Harrison @ WL 5:30 pm Harrison 130 - Kokomo 110
West Lafayette 152 - Kokomo 88
Madison Cleaver was a double winner tonight winning the 50 free (25.95) and 100 free (57.60).

We knew coming into the meet that it would be great competition. Both teams have great programs and we are looking to build Kokomo into another great program in the future.

The Lady Kats face up against Frankfort on Tuesday and then have the next week and a half until sectionals.
- Coach Etherington
Jan. 23 Frankfort (T) 6:00 pm (W) 109-76
Team winners were:
• 200 Free - Addison Reckard 2:20.59
• 200 IM - Madison Cleaver 2:26.69
• 100 Fly - Addison Reckard 1:15.43
• 200 Free Relay- Madison Cleaver, Shelby Wells, Morgan Reecer, and Brittany Lucas 1:56.31
• 100 Back - Madison Cleaver 1:05.98
• 400 Free Relay - Madison Cleaver, Addison Reckard, Shelby Wells, and Brittany Lucas 4:30.22

In the "diving well" the duo team of Kaitlyn McGraw and Liesl Elkin came out swinging, pulling out the first and third places with scores of 187.00 and 119.25, respectively.

Swimmer of the Meet: Molly Mavrick. Molly came into the season with a time of 1:48 in the 100 Freestyle and finished her freshman year with a time of 1:20.43, earning her varsity letter. Way to go, Molly! So proud of you!
- Coach Etherington
Feb. 1 IHSAA Sectional Prelims @ Noblesville   The Lady Katfish competed at IHSAA Girls Swimming and Diving Sectionals last night at Noblesville High School. The girls swimming portion started last night while diving starts Saturday morning.

The girls swim team had a great meet dropping time in most of the races. The races advancing onto Saturday's finals for top 16 are:

• 200 Medley Relay - Morgan Reecer, Haley Salinas, Madison Saban, Rachel Wrick 10th place
• 200 Freestyle - Addison Reckard 13th place, Brittany Lucas 15th place
• 50 Freestyle - Madison Cleaver 5th place
• 100 Freestyle - Madison Cleaver 5th place
• 500 Freestyle - Addison Reckard 14th place
• 200 Freestyle Relay - Madison Cleaver, Shelby Wells, Brittany Lucas, Addison Reckard 9th place
• 400 Freestyle Relay - Madison Cleaver, Addison Reckard, Shelby Wells, Brittany Lucas 7th place.

Kaitlyn McGraw and Liesl Elkin take the board 9am on Saturday morning and finals for swimming will start at 1pm following.
- Kat Chatter, February 2, 2018
Feb. 3 IHSAA Finals @ Noblesville   The Lady Katfish moved up two spots from last year’s sectionals to place eighth overall, only four points out of seventh place.

The ladies brought their “A game” to sectionals as they placed in eight races and had a diver in top 16.

• 200 medley relay - Reecer, Salinas, Saban/Griggs, and Wyrick - 11th
• 200 Free - Addison Reckard 13th, Brittany Lucas 16th
• 50 Free - Madison Cleaver 6th
• Diving - Kaitlyn McGraw 13th
• 100 Free - Madison Cleaver 6th
• 500 Free - Addison Reckard 13th
• 200 Free Relay - Cleaver, Wells, Lucas, and Reckard - 9th
• 400 Free Relay - Cleaver, Reckard, Well, and Lucas 7th

The ladies finished off a great season on a great note and I cannot be more proud of each of these young ladies dedication and hard work this season.
- Coach Etherington
Season Review:

Overall record --- 7-5-1 (1st winning record since 2011)

Conference finish --- 3rd (Highest placing since 2011 and highest placing since the new conference. 6th last year)

Sectional finish --- 8th (10th last year)

Outstanding performance --- We had many outstanding performances to list but here are some of the big ones (Kaitlyn McGraw breaks freshman diving record, Madi Cleaver within .2 of school record, Madison Saban with 2 top 8 finishes at Conference as a freshman.

Saying goodbye to seniors --- We will miss Karyna Lohinova, Brittany Lucas, and Morgan Reecer. We want to thank them for all their hard work this season and we wish them the best in their future plans.

Encouragement for offseason --- I am pretty excited about how many of the girls that might join club this summer. We will also be opening conditioning throughout the summer three times a week so any of the girls that cannot join then, there will be another option for them. I think this is something that has not happened in the past, but I feel this will be a next step in potentially becoming conference champs within the next few years.

Prospects for next year--- I do not know very many of the middle school girls, but there are a couple that will help a bunch next year. Brittany's sister (Emily Lucas) is a breaststroker and does some diving as well and Addison Reckard's sister (Macee Reckard) will be a huge impact as she is a freestyler and butterflier that can break the 100 fly record in the next few years.

Thank yous --- It was a great season for these girls. They came into the season really buying into the process and what we were giving them and that shows from their season record and the conference and sectional finishes. I am really excited about next year as we are going to be pushing hard to bring the conference championship back to Kokomo High School.
- Coach Etherington

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