2018-2019 Varsity Boys Tennis

2018 Boys Tennis
Coaches:  Shawn Flanary (Head Coach); Stacey Pollard (Asst.)
Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen
Jacob Chapel
Daniel Socias Florit
Lucas Hubbard
Min-Chung Liu
Payton McClain
Connor Duncan
Nathanael Elkin
Harrison Reed
Jon Callane
Taylor Duncan
Jackson Richards
Rajon Sellers
Drew Swain
Lucas Cummings
Austen Ferraro
Drake Hester
Griffin Hulet
Ty Lauderbaugh
Caleb Wallace

Date Opponent Time Score
Aug. 13 Plymouth (H) 5:00 pm (L) 4-1
Winning was Jon Callane at #1 singles. Jon played an impressive match against an incredible senior athlete in a 6-3, 6-4 victory.

Other noteworthy matches came at # 1 doubles and #3 singles. Payton McClain and Jackson Richards came up just shy in a 7-6,7-5 loss. They
played great tennis at times and are well ahead of where they were a year ago. As the consistency comes, so will the results!

Taylor Duncan also got his first match in varsity play in a very long 6-3, 7-5 loss. I was proud of how Taylor battled. Nathanael Elkin also showed promise in a very competitive second set loss at #2 singles as did the #2 doubles team of Ty Lauderbaugh and Lucas Hubbard.
​Coach Flanary
Aug. 15 Alexandria (H) 5:00 pm Weather postponement
Aug. 16 Mississinewa (T) 5:00 pm (L) 3-2
Winning on the day for the Kats was Daniel Socias at #2 singles by the score of 6-0, 6-4 and the #1 doubles team of Payton McClain and Jackson Richards by the score of 6-3, 6- 4. I was very proud of how these guys played high level tennis and withstood runs from feisty opponents.

The #2 doubles team of Ty Lauderbaugh and Taylor Duncan came up just shy in a long three-set battle. I was proud of how these guys came back despite losing the first set fairly convincingly. These guys made adjustments, battled, and went the distance.

Sophomore Jon Callane also went the distance against a seasoned opponent at #1 singles. This match featured a first set that lasted almost two hours. His opponent would claim it by the score of 11-9 and then took the second set by one break of serve. Jon played high level tennis in this match, but just came up a little shy.

Nathanael Elkin played an excellent second set in a quality match at #3 singles. Nathanael raised his energy and intensity level in the second set and almost pushed his match to a third.
​Coach Flanary
Aug. 20 McCutcheon (H) 4:30 pm Weather postponement
Aug. 23 Harrison (T) 5:00 pm (L) 3-2
Winning on the night in straight sets was Daniel Socias at #2 singles. Daniel was first off and made quick work of his opponent by the score of 6-1,6-2.

Harrison would strike next at #1 doubles. Payton McClain and Jackson Richards battled, but came up shy in their effort.

With the team score tied at 1-1, the fate of the match would come down to three matches that went three sets and three plus hours. Harrison would strike first going up 2-1 when winning #2 doubles by the score of 7-5, 4-6, 6-3. Nathaniel Elkin and Taylor Duncan fought hard to take it the
distance, but the Harrison team proved to be a little more aggressive when it mattered.

In his first match of the season, Jacob Chapel came to play at #3 singles. Jacob came out strong
winning the first set by the score of 6-3. In the second set, Jake relaxed a little too much and
played passive opening the door for his opponent. Jake dropped the second by the score of 6-2. In
the third Jake started with the same tentative play from the second and found himself down by the
score of 3-0. He didn’t let this fluster him and found his original rhythm, footwork and racquet
acceleration to take the third set in a tie-break by the score of 7-6(1).

The deciding point came down to sophomore Jon Callane at #1 singles against a seasoned senior
for Harrison. I couldn’t be prouder of how Jon has been battling against the older and more
experienced #1’s on our schedule. Jon struck first taking the first set by the score of 7-5. Harrison
would strike back to take the second set by the score of 6-3. 3.5 hours later the Harrison senior
closed of his second match point to take the third set by the score of 7-5. This was an incredible
match from start to finish for both players!
​Coach Flanary
Aug. 27 Frankfort (T) 5:00 pm (W) 4-1
In singles Daniel Socias won at #1 by the score of 6-3, 6-1, Jonathan Callane won by the score of 6-0, 6-2 as did Jacob Chapel at #3 singles.

In doubles Luke Hubbard and Ty Lauderbaugh were dominant at #2 doubles winning by the score of 6-0, 6-1.

The #1 doubles team of Payton McClain and Jackson Richards would have their hands full as Frankfort put their senior #1 and #2 singles players together at #1 doubles. These guys are a very solid team, and Payton and Jackson struggled to find their rhythm. Even though Payton and Jackson aren’t playing their best right now, I am proud of how they are representing the team. I know their attitude and work ethic will propel them to better play in the future!
​Coach Flanary
Aug. 28 Northwestern (H) 5:00 pm (W) 5-0
The singles players of Jon Callane, Daniel Socias and Nathanael Elkin all won with a bagel and a French fry (6-0, 6-1). All three guys played steady and consistent from start to finish. I couldn’t be prouder of how these guys are performing.

We shook the doubles up a little bit last night just to keep things fresh. Both doubles teams would also win in straight sets. The number one doubles team of Payton McClain and Lucas Hubbard and the number two doubles team of Jackson Richards and Ty Lauderbaugh played solid tennis from start to finish and it’s evident they are growing and learning in the process. Great job guys!
​Coach Flanary
Aug. 29 McCutcheon (H) 4:30 pm (L) 3-2
First to strike was the #2 doubles team of Jackson Richards and Ty Lauderbaugh. These guys played strong tennis and were off the court quick with their 6-1, 6-3 effort.

Next, Jon Callane would strike at #2 singles. Jon adjusted his strategy and played smart, well-varied, and steady tennis to get the 6-4, 6-4 win.

Even though the Kats found themselves up 2-0 and up a set at #1 doubles, McCutcheon proved they were not done. McCutcheon would strike next
taking #3 singles and #1 singles. I was super proud of how Daniel Socias battled McCutcheon’s All-State #1 player to an incredible match that lasted into the third set of #1 doubles match. Jacob Chapel showed a lot of character in his match, but struggled to find his rhythm in a close two-set loss at #3 singles.

The fate of the night would come down to #1 doubles. Payton McClain and Lucas Hubbard won the first set 7-5 and had moments of high level play, but struggled with consistency and errors as the match went on. McCutcheon would bounce back taking the second and third sets to close out their come-from-behind road victory.
​Coach Flanary
Sept. 4 Maconaquah (H) 4:30 pm (W) 3-2
At 2 singles and both doubles spots the Kats were dominant. Daniel Socias won by the score of 6- 0, 6-0 as did the #1 doubles team of Payton McClain and Jackson Richards. The #2 doubles team of Nathanael Elkin and Taylor Duncan were also impressive in their 6-1, 6-1 victory.

Even though the Kats struck quickly to go up 3-0, they still had work to be done. Jon Callane had a dog fight of a second set with Maconaquah’s #1 Cole Borden. Cole is one of the top returning players from our district and state. Jon played great tennis, and was so close to forcing a third set.

Jacob Chapel also had his hands full against a scrappy, athletic, and consistent opponent at #3 singles. Jacob struck first, but lost consistency and focus as the match went on. Jacob ended up losing the match by a break of serve in the third and final set.
​Coach Flanary
Sept. 6 Logansport (T) 5:00 pm (W) 5-0
First off the court was Jon Callane at #2 singles. Jon had a very long and tight match with this kid a year ago, so it’s exciting to see the progress Jon has made since. Jon played superb tennis from start to finish in double bagel (6-0, 6-0) victory. The concentration and play level necessary to do this against a quality opponent like this is impressive! Way to go Jon!

Next to strike was the #1 doubles team of Payton McClain and Jackson Richards. These guys played great tennis in the first set to take it by the score of 6-3. Their constant net presences and ability to move forward and pressure their opponents was the difference. Their minds and play drifted a little at the start of the second set when losing a break of serve to go down 3-0. They settled down, re-focused, and increased their serve and return percentage to take back the second by the score of 6-4. Great win guys!

Up 2-0 the Kats needed one more point to seal the victory. At this point the Kats found themselves entering their third sets at #3 singles and #2 doubles, and Daniel Socias was in the process of closing his opponent out in straight sets. Long games and breaks made for a lengthy match, but Daniel was able to close it out by the score of 6-2, 6-2.

The two remaining matches made me very proud. Any time someone drops a first set and then has the ability to battle back and win a match, it shows mental fortitude and persistence. That’s just what Nathanael Elkin was able to do at #3 singles as well as Luke Hubbard and Ty Lauderbaugh at #2 doubles. These guys lost decisive first sets, but were able to battle back to win in three sets. Nathanael won by the score of 3-6, 7-5, 6-3 and Luke and Ty won by the score of 1-6, 6-3, 6-2. Great job guys and way to fight!
​Coach Flanary
Sept. 8 KHS Invite (H) 9:00 am With the steady rain on Saturday the KHS Inv ite found its way indoors at the Howard County Indoor Tennis Center. Instead of a triple dual the tournament became a double dual (two rounds). Participants included 20th -ranked West Lafayette, #14 Delta, and Sagamore Conference champs Lebanon.

In the opening round Kokomo would face the eventual tournament champion West Lafayette. West Side has an extremely talented squad and would take the Kats out by the score of 5-0. Even though it was 5-0, the boys played very well and battled from beginning to end.

The boys would play for third place when facing Lebanon in their final match. Lebanon has had a solid year and is the Sagamore Conference champs. Kokomo would sneak this match out by the score of 3-2. This is a big win as Kokomo has dropped a handful of 3-2 matches this year that have come down to three-set matches. This match would also have one going the distance to determine the winner. 
​Coach Flanary
Sept. 11 Lafayette Jeff (H) 5:30 pm (L) 3-2
Winners on the night included Jon Callane at #2 singles by the score of 6-1, 6-2 and the #1 doubles team of Payton McClain and Jackson Richards by the score of 6-3, 7-5. Jeff would win #3 singles and #2 doubles.

The match came down to a long two-set loss at #1 singles by Daniel Socias. I feel for Daniel as it was a frustrating night against a very unorthodox opponent. Despite not playing his best, I am proud of how Daniel conducted himself in his loss. The same can be said for Nathanael Elkin and the #2 doubles team of Ty Lauderbaugh and Jacob Chapel.
​Coach Flanary
Sept. 12 Lapel (T) 5:00 pm (L) 3-2
The Kats traveled to face Lapel, the fifth-ranked team in District 4 last night. They fought, and it was another tight match, but we came up just shy in another 3-2 loss.

Winners on the night included Jon Callane and Daniel Socias at #1 doubles and the #2 singles player Jackson Richards.

Lapel has an outstanding #1 player that is one of the top players in the state and they then load their doubles to get their next two points. We hoped to get both doubles by strengthening them with Callane and Socias and then and then planned
on getting #2 or #3 singles. After winning #2 singles and #1 doubles we had tight and competitive matches at #3 singles and #2 doubles, but couldn’t sneak either one out.
​Coach Flanary
Sept. 15 NCC Tournament @ TBA 10:00 am Kokomo finished in sixth place in the NCC tourney.
In round one, the boys beat Logan by the score of 3-2. This match would prove to be similar to when we played them last week. We won three matches decisively, and the other two went three sets. This time they were able to sneak out the two three-set matches as they beefed their doubles up by putting their number one player into doubles. I was really proud of how Payton McClain/Luke Hubbard and Ty Lauderbaugh/Nathanael Elkin played in their doubles matches even though they came up short in third-set super tiebreakers.

Our singles were dominant against Logan only dropping eight total games in three matches.
Daniel Socias won by the score of 6-1, 6-0, Jon Callane won by the score of 6-0, 6-2 and Jackson Richards by the score of 6-3, 6-2. The victory over Logan set up a re-match with Lafayette Jeff in the final for the 5th /6th NCC playoff. The Kats would come up shy again in a 3-2 match, but this effort was much improved from last time. Jeff proves to be a very formidable team boasting a successful
season. They can also bring challenge with some feisty attitudes.
​Coach Flanary
Sept. 17 Madison-Grant (T) 4:30 pm (W) 4-1
Sept. 19 Westfield (T) 5:00 pm
Sept. 22 Wildkat Open (H) 9:00 am


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