2018-2019 Varsity Girls Soccer

2018 Girls Soccer
Coaches:  Kevin Duggins (Head Coach); Brittney Shaffer, Pat Robertson, Brooke Denny, Bre Kinder
Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen
Bailie Bautista
Emily Herschberger
Amiah Lee
NeVaeh Partlow
Kirsten Pierce
Jenna Robertson
Emma Watson
Laura Weaver
Emily Whiteman
Rachel Wyrick
Mackenzie Bashore
Coralyn Hawley
Maya James
Morrigan Jones
Sophia Kidd
Vicky Qiu
Shaylie Stucker
Kamryn Booher
Makaila Carpenter
Selena Corrales
Olivia Hicks
Katherine Lay
Whtney Pierce
Emily Rizer
Colleen Weaver
Bridget Baumfalk
Brianna Bautista
Nicole Burdette
Molly Dowden
Madelyn Duncan
Abby Glendenning
Madison Kruger
Emily Lucas
Kate Mayfield
Bayli Reed
Emily Riggle
Rebecca Stillwell
Rilyn Wonnell

Date Opponent Time Score
Aug. 11 Eastern Jamboree (V) (T) 10:00 am
Aug. 15 Oak Hill (V) (T) 6:00 pm (L) 3-1
Senior NeVaeh Partlow opened up the Kats
2018 season scoring with an assist from Maya James, while Shaylie Stucker recorded 4 saves.
​Coach Duggins
Aug. 18 Muncie Central (V/JV) (H) 11/12:30 p (W) 8-0
Aug. 21 Marion (V/JV) (T) 5:30/7:00  (T) 2-2
It was a flat first half for our Lady Kats as they allowed a deflection goal to find their own net in the first five minutes of regulation. The Giants
continued their physical and aggressive play, and we did not rise to the occasion.

Trailing 2-0 with a stern talk at half, plus a reminder of expectations, Kokomo showed new life in the second half. Great, quicker transitional third play put the force of the Lady Kats back on the Giants third more.

With 17 minutes left in the game, sweeper Whitney Pierce, who was the driving force for stopping attack after attack from Marion, was moved up into striking distance of the Giants net. It wasn't long before her continuous pressure showed wear on the Giants defense. With just over four minutes left, Whitney cut the ball against two defenders to find the far upper corner of the net. Then with 1:37 left in the game Whitney again squared off on the goal for a rebounded shot by freshman Nicole Burdette to push past the Giants keeper forcing the 2-2 draw.

Shaylie Stucker recorded three saves against the frame of Kokomo's goal.
​Coach Duggins
Aug. 23 Northwestern (V/JV) (H) 5:00/6:30  (L) 4-0
Aug. 28 Lafayette Jeff (JV/V) (H) 5:30/7:00  (L) 1-0
Sept. 4 McCutcheon (JV/V) (T) 5:00/6:30  (L) 5-0
Sept. 6 Hamilton Heights (JV/V) (H) 5:30/7:00  (L) 4-1
Bridging big gaps has been what this year is all about. When playing Heights last year the Lady Kats found themselves on an 8-0 slope at the end of the game.

When a 2-1 score found the game in the second half, the Lady Kats started showing how much stronger this team, even program, has become in one season.

Kirstin Pierce had a beautiful read on a center drop from the Heights wing defender and ran through the pass after Nicole Burdette squeezed the wing defense into a bad decision. Pierce found herself making a smart, yet controlled, shot on the keeper to put the Kats on the scoreboard, trailing 2-1.

Shaylie Stucker recorded five saves in the net.
​Coach Duggins
Sept. 11 Logansport (V) (H) 5:00 (L) 3-0
Sept. 13 West Lafayette (JV/V) (T) 5:30/7:00  (L) 5-1
Sept. 15 Maconaquah (V) (T) 10:00 am (W) 7-1
Freshman Nicole Burdette dropped a hat trick (three goals) followed by Whitney Pierce netting two goals, and Maya James and Olivia Hicks each netted a goal apiece.

Freshman Kate Mayfield had the lone assist of the day, while Shaylie Stucker recorded three saves, all in the first half.
​Coach Duggins
Sept. 19 Harrison (JV/V) (T) 5:00/6:30 
Sept. 22 NCC Tournament 10:00 am
Sept. 26 Western (V/JV) (H) 5:00/6:30 
Oct. 4, 6 Sectional    
Oct. 10, 13 Regional
Oct. 20 Semi-State    
Oct. 27 State Finals    

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