2018-2019 Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving

 2018 Varsity Girls Swimming
Coaches:  Jeremy Fewell (Head Coach), Amanda Hueston (Diving Coach)

Managers: MaKayla Adcock, Kaili Hu, Darrion Shack
 Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen
Madison Cleaver
Liesl Elkin (diver)
Addison Reckard
Rachel Wyrick
Mackenzie Bashore
Haley Salinas
Shelby Wells
Natalie Barragan
Aubrey Bates
Stormy Blake
Zoey Calvert
Kendra Cline
Alanah Fillenworth
Emily Griggs
Rachel Hillman
Molly Hunter
Marina Magdalena Soler
Molly Mavrick
Kaitlyn McGraw (diver)
Aidyn McKoon
Madison Saban
Trelaine Schelbert
Hannah Smith
Layla Andrysiak
Molly Dowden
Arianna Fox
Lily Johnson
Emily Lucas
Macee Reckard
Rebecca Stillwell
Madison Stoeger
Rilyn Wonnell

Date Opponent Time Score
Nov. 13 Western (H) 5:30 pm (L) 97½ - 88½
Our Lady Katfish lost a hard fought meet to the Western Panthers last night 97.5 to 88.5. These ladies fought hard and gave all they had last night.

Our top performers of the meet were Macee Reckard, Madison Cleaver, and Kaitlyn McGraw.

Macee came in first in the 200-free with a time of 2:09.98 and the 100-fly, touching first by .01 seconds with a time of 1:08.04.

Madison swam to first place finishes in the 200 IM with a time of 2:21.79 and 100-free, touching first with a time of :57.89.

Kaitlyn flipped her way to a first place finish in diving.

As well, the ladies 200-free relay team, comprised of Shelby Wells, Cleaver, Macee Reckard, and Addison Reckard, hit the touch pad first with a time of 1:53.09.

The Lady Katfish would have loved to come away with the victory last night, though every one of them swam with heart and fight, making this an absolute team effort!
​Coach Fewell
Nov. 19 Manchester (T) 5:00 pm (W) 114-42
Our Lady Katfish came away with the win swimming past the Manchester Squires 114- 42.

Our top performers were Madison Cleaver, Addison Reckard, Shelby Wells, and Macee Reckard.

Madison Cleaver was a quadruple winner having victories in the 50 Free, 100 Fly, 200 Free Relay, and 400 Free Relay.

Addison was a triple winner, hitting the wall first in the 200 Free, 200 Free Relay, and 400 Free Relay.

Shelby Wells was another triple winner with first place finishes in the 100 Back, 200 Free Relay, and 400 Free Relay.

Macee Reckard touched first for three victories in the 100 Free, 200 Free Relay and 400 Free Relay.

The Lady Katfish gave an excellent team effort once again!
​Coach Fewell
Dec. 1 Richmond (H) 10:00 am (W) 113-72
Our top performers were Madison Cleaver, Addison Reckard, Shelby Wells, and Macee Reckard.

Madison Cleaver and Macee Reckard were both quadruple winners with Macee touching first in the 200 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free Relay, and 400 Free Relay. Madison had victories in the 200 IM, 100 Fly, 200 Free, and 400 Free Relay.

Addison Reckard and Shelby Wells were both triple winners. Addison won the 500 Free and swam in the winning 200 Free Relay and 400 Free Relay. Shelby was first in the 50 Free, and also swam on the two winning relays.

In diving Kaitlyn McGraw flipped her way to victory with a score of 221.35.

This win was a team effort with every Lady Katfish doing their part in racing and placing. We had many personal bests today.

These Lady Katfish are working hard and providing an amazing team effort!!
Coach Fewell
Dec. 5 Marion (T) 5:30 pm (W) 135-40
Our top performers were Emily Griggs, Madison Cleaver, and Macee Reckard.

Griggs and Cleaver were both being quadruple winners with Emily touching first in the 200 Free, 500 Free, 200 Free Relay and 400 Free Relay, and Madison placing first in the 50 Free, 100 Breast, 200 Medley Relay and 400 Free Relay.

Macee was a triple winner with first place finishes in the 200 IM, 100 Free, and 200 Medley Relay.

In diving Liesl Elkin dove her way to victory with a score of 155.35.

The team effort was unbelievable with the team placing first in every event. They continue to race fast and place!
​Coach Fewell
Dec. 8 Twin Lakes Invite (T) 9:00 am Our Lady Katfish finished second at the Twin Lakes Holiday Relay Invitational!

The Lady Katfish claimed first place finishes in the 800 Free Relay, Diving Relay, 400 Free Relay, 300 Free Relay, and the 500 Free Relay.

The 800 Free relay was comprised of Madison Cleaver, Emily Griggs, Addison Reckard, and Macee Reckard.

The Diving Relay team of Kaitlyn McGraw and Liesl Elkin flipped their way to first.

The 400 Free relay team of Cleaver, Shelby Wells, Addison Reckard, and Macee Reckard touched first for the win.

The 300 Free Relay took first with Haley Salinas, Wells, Cleaver, Macee Reckard, Addison Reckard, and Stormy Blake.

Finally the 500 Free of Cleaver, Addison Reckard, Macee Reckard, Marina Soler, and Griggs were winners.

These Lady Katfish have been swimming extremely well and are competing at a high level and had a great showing with these Relays!
​Coach Fewell
Dec. 10 Northwestern (T) 6:00 pm (L) 119-64
The performers of the meet were Madison Cleaver, Macee Reckard, and Kaitlyn McGraw.

Madison scored a first in the 200 Free, Macee touched first in the 100 Free, and Kaitlyn flipped her way to a first place finish in diving.

There were second place finishes with Macee Reckard in the 200 IM, Cleaver in the 100 Fly, Addison Reckard in the 500 Free, the 200 Free
Relay of Macee Reckard, Shelby Wells, Addison Reckard and Cleaver, Madison Saban in the 100 Back, and 400 Free Relay of Macee Reckard,
Addison Reckard, Wells, and Cleaver.
​Coach Fewell
Dec. 17 Logansport (T) 5:30 pm (W) 128-50
Our top performers were Madison Cleaver, Shelby Wells, and Macee Reckard with each as quadruple winners.

Cleaver finished first in the 200 IM, 500 Free, 200 Free Relay and 400 Free Relay. Wells took first in the 50 free, 100 Free, 200 Free Relay and 400 Free Relay, and rounding out our quadruple winners,
Reckard touched first in the 200 Free, 100 Back, 200 Free Relay and 400 Free Relay. Our other first place finish had Marina Soler touching first in the 100 Fly!

In diving Kaitlyn McGraw flipped her way
to victory with a score of 194.10.
​Coach Fewell
Jan. 3 Hamilton Heights (T) 5:30 pm With conference only two days from this meet we were able to swim our junior varsity team for the meet. Our team fell to the Huskies 139-43.

However this was a great opportunity for junior varsity team to get a full meet experience. These ladies competed and showed some great effort during the meet and we had several Life Time best swims.

Lily Johnson finished fourth in the 200 Free, Arianna Fox finished fourth in the 200 IM, and Marina Soler was third in the 50. Hannah Smith took fourth in the 100 Fly, Soler was third in the 100 Free, and Rilyn Wonnell placed fourth in the 500 Free.

The team of Rebecca Stillwell, Johnson, Kendra Cline, and Soler came in fourth, Fox was third in the 100 Back, Cline was fourth in the 100 Breast, and we had a fourth place finish in the 400 Free Relay with a team of Molly Dowden, Natali Borgali, Wonnell, and Molly Hunter.

These Lady Katfish did an amazing job during the meet and the hard work they are putting in every day is starting to show as they continue to get faster!!!
Coach Fewell
Jan. 5 NCC Conference @ PU 10:00 am The Lady Katfish were crowned NCC Swim champions for only the third time in school history. The last time the Lady Katfish were champions was 19 years ago!

This championship was an overall team effort. These Lady Katfish put in an amazing team effort with everyone swimming their absolute hearts out!

It started with our medley relay made up of Madison Saban, Haley Salinas, Marina Soler, and Rachel Wyrick dropping over five seconds from their seed time and moving up three positions! Then our ladies continued swimming with heart and passion, swimming fast, moving up in positioning, and scoring points!

200 Free- Macee Reckard finished 1st, Addison Reckard 7th and Emily Griggs 9th.
200 IM- Emily Lucas finished 11th, Rachel Hillman 13th, and Stormy Blake 16th.
50 Free- Madi Cleaver 1st, Shelby Wells 7th, and Wyrick 10th.
Diving- Katlyn McGraw 2nd, Liesl Elkin 5th.
100 Fly- Saban 7th, Soler 11th, Kendra Cline 15th.
100 Free- Cleaver 1st, Wyrick 8th, Salinas 17th
500 Free- A.Reckard 6th, Griggs 9th, Hillman 12th
200 Free Relay-M. Reckard, A. Reckard, Wells, and Cleaver 1st
100 Back- M. Reckard 2nd, Wells 6th, Saban 7th.
100 Breast- Lucas 3rd, Blake 7th, and Salinas 14th
400 Free Relay – A. Reckard, M. Reckard, Wells, and Cleaver 1st.

To win a conference it takes an absolute team effort and this team came to swim and did just that by stepping up, dropping time and finishing with Kokomo High School’s first NCC conference championship in 19 years and only the third in school history!

I could not be more proud of these girls in “Trusting the Process”, working hard, and attaining this goal!
​Coach Fewell
Jan. 8 Cass (H) 6:00 pm (W) 132-86
Our top performers were Madison Saban, Madison Cleaver, Macee Reckard, and Kaitlyn McGraw.

Cleaver and Reckard were triple winners with Macee touching first in the 200 IM, 500 Free, and 400 Free Relay. Madison Cleaver placed first in the 200 Free, 100 Free, and 400 Free Relay.

Saban was a double winner setting the tone in the 200 Medley Relay and winning the 100 Back.

In diving, McGraw flipped her way to victory with a score of 199.30.
​Coach Fewell
Jan. 10 Oak Hill (T) 5:00 pm (L) 132-53
The performers of the meet were Madison Cleaver and Macee Reckard.

Madison taking first place in the 200 IM and 100 Fly and Macee Reckard touching first in the 500 free.

We had second place finishes with Addison Reckard in the 100 Free, 200 Free Relay comprised of A. Reckard, M. Reckard, Madison Saban, and Cleaver, and 400 Free Relay comprised of A. Reckard, M. Reckard, Rachel Wyrick, and Cleaver.
​Coach Fewell
Jan. 12 Anderson/Muncie Central @ And. 10:00 am Weather cancellation - No make up
Jan. 16 W Laf/Harrison @ Harrison 5:30 pm Harrison 118, West Lafayette 116, Kokomo 96
The Medley Relay of Macee Reckard, Madison Cleaver, Marina Soler and Addison Reckard finished 3rd.
200 Free: Emily Griggs 5th, Emily Lucas 6
200 IM: Rachel Hillman 5th, Stormy Blake 6
50 Free: Shelby Wells 4th , Marina Soler 5
Diving: Kaitlyn McGraw 3rd, Liesl Elkin 4
100 Fly: Madison Cleaver 2nd, Marina Soler 6
100 Free: Addison Reckard 2nd, Madison Saban 5
500 Free: Macee Reckard 1st, Emily Griggs 5
200 Free Relay: Shelby Wells, Addison Reckard, Macee Reckard and Madison Cleaver 2
100 Back: Madison Saban 4th , Shelby Wells 5
100 Breast: Emily Lucas 3rd, Stormy Blake 4th
400 Free Relay: Addison Reckard, Macee Reckard, Shelby Wells, and Madison Cleaver 2nd
Coach Fewell
Jan. 22 Frankfort (H) - Senior Night 6:00 pm (W) 119-66
The Lady Katfish swam to victory versus the Frankfort Hotdogs 119 - 66 on Senior Night!

We want to thank our seniors Addison Reckard, Madison Cleaver, Rachel Wyrick, and Liesl Elkin for an amazing season heading into sectionals!

Our top finishers last night were:
Medley Relay: 2nd Madison Saban, Emily Lucas, Macee Reckard, and Rachel Wyrick
200 Free: 1st Addison Reckard, 2nd Emily Griggs
200 IM: 1st Macee Reckard, 3rd Stormy Blake, and 4th Emily Lucas
50 Free: 1st Madison Cleaver, 3rd Marina Soler, and 5th Shelby Wells
Diving: 1st Kaitlyn McGraw, 2nd Liesl Elkin
100 Fly: 1st Madison Cleaver, 2nd Marina Soler, and 4th Kendra Cline
100 Free: 2nd Rachel Wyrick, 3rd Haley Salinas, and 4th Hannah Smith
500 Free: 1st Addison Reckard, 2nd Emily Griggs, and 3rd Rachel Hillman
200 Free Relay: 1st (All Senior Relay) Liesl Elkin, Rachel Wyrick, Addison Reckard, and Madison Cleaver
100 Back: 1st Macee Reckard, 2nd Madison Saban, and 4th Emily Lucas
100 Breast: 2nd Rachel Wyrick, and 4th Haley Salinas
400 Free Relay: 1st Macee Reckard, Shelby Wells, Addison Reckard, and Madison Cleaver

These Lady Katfish gave another amazing team effort, worked hard, and swam fast each and every meet. It was great to send our seniors out with a win in their final dual meet of their high school career.

Now we taper to Sectional next week!
Coach Fewell
Feb. 1 IHSAA Sectional Prelims @ Carmel 5:30 pm 200 Medley Relay - 10th (Saban, Lucas, Soler, Wyrick)
200 Free - 11th (M. Reckard)
50 Free = 5th (Cleaver)
100 Free - 5th (Cleaver)
200 Free Relay - 5th (M. Reckard, Wells, A. Reckard, Cleaver)
​100 Backstroke​ - 12th (M. Reckard)
​400 Free Relay​ - 7th (A. Reckard, M. Reckard, Wells, Cleaver)
Feb. 2 Sectional Diving & Swim Finals 9/1:00 pm Kokomo was tenth in the 11-team Carmel Sectional. 
No Lady Katfish advanced to the state meet.
200 Medley Relay
- 10th (Saban, Lucas, Soler, Wyrick)
200 Free - 11th (M. Reckard)
Diving - 6th and 12th (McGraw, Elkin)
​100 Free​ - 6th (Cleaver)
​200 Free Relay​ - 5th (Cleaver, M. Reckard, A. Reckard, Wells)
​100 Backstroke​ - 13th (M. Reckard)
​400 Free Relay​ - 8th (A. Reckard, M. Reckard, Wells, Cleaver)

Season Review:

The 2018-2019 Lady Katfish team finished the season with each swimmer cutting time throughout the season. I am ecstatic for each swimmer going a personal best during the course of the season. This with a much larger team
than in years past and these Lady Katfish were also adjusting to their fourth new coach in four years.

This team came to understand what it would be to “Trust the Process”, which means this team came to swim every single meet and performed with grit and determination throughout the course of our swim season.

These Lady Katfish with their hard work swam to a winning dual meet record and swimming lights out to bring home the first North Central Conference Championship. This was only the girls third NCC Championship in school history and the first time the trophy had been brought home in 19 years!

These ladies had one phenomenal swim year; however, our senior leadership of Addison Reckard, Madi Cleaver, and Rachel Wyrick will be missed. We wish them well in their future endeavors.

Thanks to the managers, fans, and parents for helping to make this season for the Lady Katfish one for the record books!
Coach Fewell

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